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Plant Me


NOMAD seed paper swing tag (soon to be your sunflowers!)
A pot to home your newest addition to the family
Potting soil
A sunny corner

Step-By-Step Guide: 

1. Fill your pot to about ¾ full with soil and press down on to make sure it is firm. Once you have pressed down, you may add more if necessary.
2. Cut or gently rip your NOMAD seed paper swing tag into six pieces and scatter them in the soil.
3. Cover the paper with approximately half a centimetre of soil and press down gently to pack the soil.
4. Soak the paper and the soil with enough water for it to be visibly damp and keep your pot next to a sunny window to make sure it gets lots of natural light!
5. Water your plant daily for the first two weeks to ensure that the paper is moist at all times.
6. When the plant begins to sprout continue to water regularly, but be cautious not to overwater.
7. When your plant becomes visible and sturdy continue to water as needed and watch your sunflowers grow!


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