NOMAD: Locally Made Sustainable Swimwear and Apparel
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"What I love most about NOMAD is their versatility. Not only are there so many pieces, they can be dressed up or down giving you multiple looks. The unbelievable quality on top of this is everything I look for in a brand."

Lucy Curran
2x Cervical Cancer Fighter
Stoma Awareness
Anterior Pelvic Excentration surgery and Urostomy


"This set is perfect for a relaxed style on the move, the material is soft and comfortable yet well made- it is my go-to in the summer months."

Dan Flood
Diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2017
Emergency Stoma Surgery in 2017


"Nomad clothing is a blend of comfort and style, featuring exceptionally soft materials which is important to me. NOMAD is committed to a positive social change being a sustainable brand, so I am all for NOMAD."

Amanda Silva
Down Syndrome Model


I wore Nomad before all my surgeries for the same reasons I can wear their clothes now. The focus on fabric quality and design detail (especially around the waist) means I have always been comfortable. Nomad clothes help me feel confident & help me present myself in a way I want to be seen.

Petrina Barber
@beyondthestoma founder #ostomy
Gynaecological Cancer.
Incurable Pelvic Radiation Disease (PRD)


Environmentally Conscious

Adapted for Diversity

Designed for Comfort


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